angkok, An Amazing City of Contrast!

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We're finally here! Eighteen hours later we've arrived in one of the most exciting vibrant cities in Southeast Asia.

This is our sixth trip to Bangkok and it never ceases to amaze me!

Such Contrasts!

The elderly king is worshiped as a god. His picture covers the front of this ancient Buddish temple. And behind the temple is a neon christian cross.

The smell of Tuber Roses mingles with the street smells of frying fish and running open sewer.

There are no baby strollers here, all babies are hand carried.

The HOT PINK taxis are dirt cheap!

Here most people eat at open cafes, not like we're accustomed to. You choose your meal from huge boiling pots of unidentified delicious smelling brown, bright green, yellow or clear soup with floating dumples, shrimp and well, I'm not sure what else. If you want to take it home instead of sitting on child size plastic chairs with other diners they'll pour it in a clear plastic bag, double knot the top and off you go! Take out! It's so inexpensive if you don't like what you've ordered, just toss it and try again, that is if the chef doesn't see you throw it away, they're just as sensitive as any cordon blue chef. Dinner for under $6

Another contrast is the shopping ambiance. In Bangkok, you can find every famous designer's boutique from Hermes to Chanel to Louis Vuitton and shop in air conditioned luxury sipping champagne. Or you can sit on those tiny plastic stools again with the local designer's family munching on fryed spring rolls and sipping cold water!

And of course based on where you shop... such a contrast in price!

This hinged enamel cuff in the newest black rhodium sterling silver enhanced with huge faceted smoky topaz and champagne colored crystals would be at least $1,500 in the designer stores, but in my shop in Coronado it will be $350.

I just bought one piece so if you're interested, I'll be shipping it home on Monday. Call Janet right away to reserve it when it arrives!

I'll be sending a new blog daily while I'm traveling with interesting news and unusual finds so stay tuned!

Oh by the way, did I say it was hot here? In fact it's sweltering! Whew!


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