Becoming a Crone at 66

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Dolores ForsytheI guess this would be considered my "route 66".

I turned 66 this year and yes, I've just begun to realize I'm no longer a "spring chicken" as we used to say in Texas. Being a part of the baby boom generation means there are lots of other people getting old along with me, so sometimes it's hard to believe it's true, but it is!

For me the real pleasure has been the wisdom that comes along with being on this planet for more than half a century. I have become a cronewhich is defined as "One with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman". Wow, that sounds pretty good to me!

As this year 2012 comes to a close I have spent some time reflecting on "my life so far" and here's some of the "ahas" I've discovered for this year. And with this note am vowing to making some changes for 2013.

If you have the time please click on this link to see this short video that I often watch to remind me that "I can change my world by changing my words".

Allan, my husband who is 83 had serious heart surgery this year. It was a wakeup call for both of us about spending quality time together and realizing we are mortal!

A few months ago I hired two more wonderful women to help Janet and me at the shop. Surprise…I can't lift those heavy boxes as easily as I could before. Thank God they are young (40's)

I've been contributing a portion of the shop's profits for the past eight years, but from now on I'm committed to being personally involved with "The Foundation for Women". We all know the greatest joy comes from service to others, not only money but ourselves.

I'm beginning to really get it that technology can save me time and money. When we missed our trip to Bangkok recently I called my jewelry designer, Arrayana via Skype and watched as she presented her holiday line for me thousands of miles away. I purchased 60 pieces and never had to leave my office!(this is her & her sister)

GabyWe got a new rescue dog earlier this year, Gaby. She comes to the shop every day, greets all the customers and plays with the children (and bored husbands). I never again want to be without the unconditional love of a dog. She always makes me smile.

I went with my friend and yoga teacher Suzanne to a transformational women's seminar earlier this year. We hear Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, and Carol Meiss speak. I left a different woman. I now know I am guided by divine wisdom and don't have to do it all by myself. These three women are truly path finders for us women.

GinaMy sister Gina beat her second bout of cancer after 70 radiation treatments in two years. I got it that we can't postpone spending time with family. (yes, it's old picture when I had red spiked hair!)

I witnessed my dear friend's mother's passing a month ago and again realized the deep longing I have for my mother who died over 12 years ago. Motherhood is a sacred blessing to all.

And last but not least, I have become passionate about designing jewelry; here are my personal three favorite pieces this year!

Favorite jewelry pieces

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