Changes at d Forsythe... We Have So Much More Than Pearls!

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I know some of you think I never listen to feedback (especially my husband, Allan) but I DO!

For the past five years people have been telling me it's time to change the name of my company. "Where are the Pearls? You have so much more than pearls, the name is misleading." or

"This is not a pearl store" or "I haven't come in your shop because I don't need any more pearls. I thought that was all you carried, I'm blown away by all the other jewelry here."

So, by popular demand ... starting now the company's new name will be d Forsythe with the tag line Unique jewelry from around the world. We will still have the amazing pearl collection from Vietnam. In fact I just read a book about pearls, Tears of the Mermaids, and I've fallen in love with pearls all over again!

Here are some of my new pearl favorites:               

Now the trick will be to remember when we answer the phone to drop the word "Pearls"!

So please remind us when you call if we say d Forsythe Pearls you'll receive $25 off your next purchase.

Also, if you haven't already noticed we've also made some big changes to the website. It's kinda tricky until you get used to it. Just move the mouse over titles and pictures and drop down menus appear. You may be used to this feature, I wasn't but it sure cleans up the overwhelming text issue... more pictures, less words.

Click here to check it out.

And last but not least-- we've shot a new video of the latest Designs by Dolores. I've made some reallly funky pieces that include bone, massive chains, old crosses and sparkly gemstones mixed with large pearls. (Not all in one piece!)

Click here to check out the new designs and my new hair (it's called bed head! ha!)

We'd love to hear what you think, Dolores

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