Druzy: The Latest In Organic Jewelry

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Article published in Point Loma Life Magazine, May 2014 edition.

                                      The latest in Organic Jewelry


Inspired by our culture’s obsession with natural, organic products we’ve begun to notice the translation of this trend in jewelry. And not just women’s but also non gender specific jewelry.


These newly desirable accessories include more natural stones that are rough cut or sand tumbled. Shiny blingy jewelry pieces are being saved for special occasions only.


Also as the cost of gold and silver has sky rocketed alternative more earth tone metals such as pewter, copper, rose gold  and bronze have become the affordable embellishments for such newly emphasized semi precious stones. Some of our favorites are rose cut diamonds, druzy and chrisacola.


Druzy in its many colors and shapes is the most popular of all the new natural jewelry. Druzys come from the inside of the geodes. Yes, those ordinary rocks that when sliced open reveal the beautiful crystals inside.  With new laser technology a geode can be sliced into microsopicly thin layers to reveal this often described as looking like colored crystallized sugar appearance. The colors are designated by the type of gemstone the geode reveals. The blue gray color is chalcedony, aqua is chriscola, and the burnt orange color is carnelian. Very often they are in setting surrounded by smaller faceted gemstones that compliment the beauty of the center druzy.


A shop in Coronado, d Forsythe Jewelry has an excellent selection of all colors of druzys set in rings, pendants, earrings and necklaces. We also found in this shop non gender specific jewelry such as leather bracelets with stainless steel clasps, and leather pendant necklace with chunks of citrine, quartz crystal and Fluorite.


Dolores Forsythe, the owner of d Forsythe jewelry travels the world finding treasures which translate not only into the latest jewelry trends but also those one of a kind Arabic prayer rings or the small Buddha pendants carved from a brass bullet. 


If you’re looking for something unique and one of a kind check out this upstairs boutique in Coronado.

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