Fine Jewelry From Dolores' Travels

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Ok, it's a crazy time to get into the "real" jewelry business!

Ten years ago when I started buying and selling jewelry I never thought I'd be in the "fine" jewelry business. However, I just couldn't resist when my clients started wanting to buy the "good" pieces I'd bought for my self.

This is the first piece I bought for myself and have now sold five of them to my clients. I never wanted a diamond tennis bracelet, but I'd always wanted a diamond bracelet. When I found this in Istanbul I knew it was the one and I've come to realize many woman want the same as I.

So, when I was in Turkey last month I searched for that special piece that was unique and considered a little pricey. I knew the expensive 22k gold was not what I was looking for... it's beautiful but everyone has their good jewelry. I wanted irresistible jewelry no one had seen before and were willing to spend a little more for.

Of course these are offered in the Fine Jewelry Collection. And naturally there's a good story about each piece.

I hope you'll take a minute and look at these 11 new pieces of jewelry and let me know what you think. I always appreciate hearing from you.

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