Highlights from Turkey, 2014

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Shopping in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey is an experience everyone should have in their lifetime. We've been here 8 times now and I  am still in awe of this country which preserves ancient, over 2,000 year old sights and yet is so modern. i am surprised and delighted daily!




         Of course it's the people which make any place on earth special. The kindness of everyone here is sometimes overwhelming. Every time we get on the tram someone stands up for us to sit down. And when passing people on the street they make eye contact and smile!



And then there are some customs and ways of being in their culture that make us smile. Call me and I'll explain this sign in the bathroom of our hotel.



                                       This is Sami below who we have bought unique jewelry from for over six years. Above is Zara who designs all the unique pieces I buy from Sami. They sell jewelry all over the world, but he saves the best for me! He will be in Kuwait for a jewelry show next week and Dubai next. We are so fortunate to have found them in the Grand Bazaar!


An then of course there is the jewelry! Here are a few of my favorites, all one of a kind, handmade from amazing gemstones and semi precious stones.

I now help design most of the pieces I buy from Sami. At first I changed length and clasps. Now I request additional stones or change the number of strands or take a pendant from one piece and add it to a new one. I also draw sketches of what I want and the next day it's made!













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