Interview with a Turkish Jewelry Designer - Janset

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I feel so fortunate to have met Janset Bilgin, a Turkish jewelry designer.

Our dear friend Esin, who was also our tour guide, asked me over lunch if I'd like to meet a friend of her's who has become very famous in Istanbul for her jewelry designs. I jumped at the chance and what a delightful time we had... I even made a video of her shop.

click on the above link to go directly to the video.

All of Janset's (pronounced Janet with an "s") designs are made from found organic materials. And if you watched the video you know she studied with one of the most famous designers in Turkey to develop her own unique style. Below are the one of a kind pieces I bought to sell in our little shop in Coronado:

#1. This necklace is made from dove gray woven silk cord, antique stone Turkish seals, faceted chalcedony, silver and gray suede has been coiled into cylinders to create a soft luxurious piece. The cord is adjustable to be worn as a long necklace with tunics or shortened to any length desirable. The neutral colors make this a timeless piece to be worn year round with any color pallet. $210.

#2. The pendant necklace below is very similar to a famous designer for Tiffany, Elsa Piretti. What makes it so unique is the large gray chalcedony gemstone attached by a black leather cord to the teardrop silver plated piece. The length also can be adjusted to compliment any neckline. The elegant simplicity of this design assures it's timeless.$110

#3. You'd never guess in a million years what this stone is that is encased in gold toned bronze. It's a huge rough ruby, if sliced into you would see the red tones we are accustomed to seeing in rubies. This is a very rare old stone that Janset found in what we would know as a pawn shop. She hand wrapped it and attached it to a leather cord. Just think what fun you'd have making bets as to what this is. I thought it was iron, it was so heavy. $110.

#4. This is a wonderful collection of gray suede, silver faceted chalcedony, labradorite, and quartz crystal. It's woven, twisted, rolled and frayed into this oh so soft colors textured necklace. As always, in Janset's designs there is a bit of whimsy, she's inserted two small beige stones to the strand. This is a piece you won't want to keep your hands off of. $210.

#5. The collection wouldn't be complete without this purple/lavender suede bracelet! Amethyst, chalcedony, silver and labradorite are magically blended with textured leather and cotton to make this a real conversation piece. $79.


#6. And last, but not least, my favorite. Janset wove a chain link out of this gray suede and added an assortment of gemstones such as agate, labradorite, chalcedony, and mother of pearl. It's length comes from a delicate sterling chain and leather cord. This is the most contemporary piece of the collection and also the chunkiest. It, as all the pieces, can be adjusted in length. $210

Since I'll be coming home in a few days, I won't be shipping these pieces. If you're interested in purchasing any of them please call Janet at the shop to reserve it now.

I am truly ready to be back in the good old USA!

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