Journey of the Rose Cut Diamonds

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 This story of the quest for unusual jewelry from around the world is often serendipitous happenings and hunch. In 2010 I saw my first rose cut diamond jewelry in a small cluttered stall in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. I knew the minute I saw them I wanted one. I thought the rose cut bangle I loved was just too rough for my customers but for me it was just perfect-- Funky and certainly unique! I never expected to be selling them in my jewelry shop. I wore that bangle every day and one day Sue, a fun customer from San Francisco, offered to buy it right off my arm. I declined, usually I would sell anything I was wearing but this was a special piece to me. That incident made me start thinking maybe there is a market for unusual diamonds - after all I specialize in unique jewelry, why not diamonds?

For you who aren't sure yet what a rose cut diamond is I've done a bit of research  for you. Here's what they look like  


This flat bottom faceted diamond was first developed in the 1600's and became very popular. Today they are every level of quality. These diamonds seem to absorb the light rather than the traditional diamond sparkle. Suddenly they have become popular again. The latest ones have not only unique settings but unusual  designs. Most are faceted and set in oxidized silver and 22k gold plating in India. They are featured in many popular fashion magazines and are worn by celebrities at every major Hollywood event.

Since buying my first rose cut bangle in Istanbul I have traveled to India several times to purchase many more pieces. I now import them and offer them in my shop at affordable prices. I still cherish my first piece of rose cut diamond jewelry which I purchased over six years ago so it looks like they are not going out of style any time soon.






Last update: March 18, 2015


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