Meet Our Bangkok Jewelry Designers

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One of the greatest pleasures of this business is meeting the amazingly creative young people who are continuing to surprise and delight us with their jewelry designs.

Meet Tang, last October when we were here we met this shy young man at the weekend market. I was blown away by the outrageous, unusual pieces he'd made. Well this year he's really outdone himself! What he's created with feathers and crystals you wouldn't believe... He's also making a custom design for one of my customers who sent a picture with me for him to design.

Below are just a couple examples of his work, yes that is a fur stole with pink & purple feathers. And the other, a fantasy in cobalt blue, look for the sapphire cz iPhone cover! No I didn't buy them! But, aren't they fun?

Below is Out, he works with over thirty women in his local village making jewelry. He then sells the pieces, sharing the profits with the women. He was on his way to Singapore for a jewelry expo the day after we met him. He and Allan really hit it off.

Below is Om, she is 22 years old, she and her sister have had a small booth in the market for the past four years. They now have 3 other young women working for them. They are so sweet, like the daughters I never had!

Check out the video I made of her on the website.

Oh yes! We bought so many beautiful, creative, unique pieces from these young people. Such asthis abalone and gold pearl necklace.

And this carnelian necklace with crystals and pearls.

Of course, both are one of a kind! So call Janet at the shop right away to reserve it when the three boxes I've sent to the US arrive in the next few days!

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