Mumbai Musings From Dolores

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I’ve been in India for a week now and am beginning to get in flow with the rhythms of this amazing country.

Yes, the streets are crowded and dirty but there is a special sweetness about how the Indian people go about their work.

These women are heating rhinestones on a charcoal fire to make thousands of blingy bangles worn by all the women here daily.

We’ve seen cows, pigs, goats, camels & oxen all meandering along the city streets, peacefully grazing on trash.  You definitely have to watch where you step!

Religious worship is evident everywhere. There are over 3,000 temples in this city of 19 million.  Some worship a different god daily.

Ganesh is the God worshipped on Tuesdays.

But the most impressive thing is the vibrancy of color!  No beige here.  Women can work in yards of sequined cloth whether they are sweeping the streets or pushing a wooden cart heaped with trash.   Visiting Sari Road was a real treat.  Women, men and children participate while piles of some of the most amazing, embellished fabrics I’ve ever seen are considered.

I even bought one.

Oh yes, I have been shopping for jewelry.  Here are three of my favorites of today.

Contact Janet at the shop for a preview.

Below, watch my video from Mumbai to see the fantastic jewelry discoveries that I've already sent to the shop.  Now I am off to the "Jewelry capital of India" to discover more.

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