Purple Hair - Why Not?

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Dolores ForsytheSo why the purple hair? I say, "Why not?"

As many of you know, I keep dying my gray hair purple! I've had purple hair extensions, and for about the last six years, I've been dying streaks of my hair purple... so here's the story why...

About ten years ago, I attended a creativity workshop in Santa Barbara. There were about 50 people sitting in a circle and, as we took turns introducing ourselves I noticed most of them didn't really need to be more creative, especially with their appearance! That was the first time I'd ever seen anyone with a new color of hair.

When it was her turn to introduce herself, this purple haired woman said, "It occurred to me that women color their hair red, black, brown, blonde and variations of all these colors, so I figured as long as I'm coloring my hair, why not use the rest of the colors available, so, since then, I've been experimenting with blue, green, pink and now purple... and I love it!"

So I started thinking about what she said and well - you can see the results. I'm still stuck on purple. Recently I was in Atlanta and met a woman with rainbow colored hair! She said she's been rainbow colored for the past 19 years! And she told me about Manic Panic, the greatest hair stain she'd ever used. So when I was in New York, I found it! Manic Panic at Ricky's on the upper west side! I was thrilled, and bought Passion Purple for $20 a jar. 

I gave it to my hairdresser and it was just too pale, more lavender than purple... so this past weekend, Allan and I divided my hair in sections and slathered it on. I left it in my hair for four hours and this is the result! It's kinda splotchy, but I love it. If you want advice on how to color coordinate with purple hair, below are couple of my favorite jewelry pieces from my shop!


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