Recycled Watch Mechanism Jewelry

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I found these amazing new pieces made from old watch parts in India. These are the really vintage ones that had to be wound! Within our life time people will forget that you used to have to wind your watch with a tiny stem on the side. If you look closely at these they have actually found identical watched to match in this example of earrings made from round watch mechanism. Somehow, I can't help but wonder who wore this watch? Was it a gift from a loved one? Was it used to keep track of time for baby's feeding, curry to cook, children home from school, time to get up, go to bed, quit work??? One thing that does intrigue me is to know someone actually owned and wore this watch in the last ten/fifteen years! And's jewelry. I find it very precious and feel honored to have it for my clients. When I wear my piece, I look at it thinking what do I take for granted now that someone someday will make fun jewelry from? Look through the earring, necklace and bracelet sections of the website to see my offering



Last update: March 19, 2017


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