Report from Jaipur, India

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Jaipur, also known as the pink city is very different from Mumbai, although they are only a one hour flight apart.

Mumbai is a thriving port city with plenty of skyscrapers and a wealthy middle class dressed in western clothes whereas Jaipur, is the go to city for weddings! Brides come here to buy their jewelry and sarees.

Indian weddings are such a big deal! An average wedding has over 1,000 guests and lasts at least four days. Of the over 300 weddings held nightly in Jaipur we often saw many groom’s parades. This included several camels, an elephant, a brass band and butane lit crystal chandeliers to light the way of this all male parade with the groom decked out like royalty on a silver saddled white horse.

We never saw the brides on their wedding day but afterwards they could be identified as newly weds by the two arms of bangles, bright colored sarees and henna tattoos!She doesn’t look to thrilled does she? By the way, marriages are still arranged by the parents in most families!

There are so many scenes I would love to share with you but this one struck me as very special. As we know the water is not safe to drink most of the time.The man pictured here sits daily in front of the Hindu temple, which has a fresh water well and offers passersby a free sip of clean water from this copper kettle. People often line up for this ritual. I thought it showed great trust and kindness.

That and to shop for cool jewelry! Here are my three favorites from Jaipur. Yes, they are real rose cut diamonds, but to make them somewhat affordable they are set in sterling silver and 22k gold plating. If they were in gold they would be thousands more!

These will not be shipped home without me! We’re going to Thailand next so I won’t be in the shop until December 1st! If you call Janet at the shop now, she’ll make sure you get first dibs!

Who said getting old is difficult?

Warm regards, Dolores

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