Shop Shots! Interesting women, we'd all like to know

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One of the reasons I love having this little jewelry shop above the pizza place is the amazing women who find their way up the stairs to discover our treasures! The stories they share with me of their lives are not only inspiring and courageous but often funny and sometimes heartbreaking. They are never boring,

Recently I started taking their pictures and asking if I could share them with you who follow my blog.

This is Phyllis Parrish. She is truly awe inspiring. This spring she is chairing a huge gala to benefit ARC, a charity that provides services for San Diego people with disabilities. The name of the event is Carrousel du Louvre Fashion Runway Extravaganza. Phyllis came by the shop and "simply loved" the huge flower necklaces from Bangkok. (she's wearing our gold pearl and mother of pearl necklace.) Her New Orleans accent made every comment more endearing!  We'll be at the gala on April 9th at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel selling Jewelry.

Don't you just love the head gear? I bought this wedding headdress in Turkey last year and have it in the shop as decoration. Often women admire it but, she was the first to ask to try it on! No, it wasn't because of the white wine we were sharing.

She and her 13 friends were in town for the weekend from Washington. Their investment club has been investing together for 27 years and every three years they take a trip using their profits! Yes, they are making money!!! And having fun!

This is a shot of the whole group. They shopped till we all dropped! It was so much fun. Of course it was like trying to herd cats. Trying to get twelve other women to agree if that lapis necklace looked good on one of them. And of course they all left with year long profits greatly depleted. But all agree that besides Starbuck's stock our jewelry was there best investment!

This is our newly adopted international family! I met this lovely family from New Delhi, India three years ago at the LA Gift Mart and have been buying huge gemstone and silver jewelry from them ever since. While at the Tucson Gem Show I asked them to come stay a few days with us in Coronado, never believing they would! It was a magical weekend of comparing cultural differences. We are for sure going to India to visit them in October. And of course buy jewelry!

I know it may sound corny but I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with people I would otherwise never come in contact with. The women who have visited my shop have so enriched my life, expanded my horizons and encouraged me in so many ways. But, most importantly become my dearest friends! I hope you all find your passion and experience the rewards that follow! Warmly,


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