Strange and Unusual finds in the Bangkok Markets

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Every year when we're in Bangkok I look forward to finding things I never expected to see ever! Certainly much of what's fascinating now days has to do with technology but, here where the ancient butts up against the new age anything goes.

Bet you'd never guess where we saw this huge dormant wasps nest.

This wasps nest was suspended right above the counter of a small jewelry stall at the weekend market! I asked the owner why it was there. He smiled shyly and said "To get the customer's attention". And it worked... no worries, I'm planning to try it!

I was kinda surprised no one here seemed to notice my navy blue nail polish, at home it's considered a bit unusual... but here, solid blue nails are nothing! They've taken their creative spirit to their hands and feet.

This is just one example of the wild and crazy designs and colors I saw. All were hand painted and the cost, as is most labor intensive job was very cheap! About $10 for 10 toes!

At first I couldn't figure out what were in all these tiny viales. The young girls were swarming around them like bees to honey. The name on the banner was "Pretty", with pictures of beautiful girls smiling. Was it teeth whitener? No. Were they false eyelashes? No. Finally I picked one up and something tiny was swirling around in the liquid. Contact lenses! Black ones, green ones, blue ones and all sorts of designs, hearts, initials, and custom orders were available. And all for $20 per pair.

This necklace was designed by one of my favorite young jewelry designers in Bangkok, Tang. It's made of feathers, iridescent beetle wings, blue leather and of course a huge cz in the center, certainly a one-of-a-kind! $125

Tang made the necklace below from the glass tiles leftover from the remodel of his home! Each glass piece is uniquely wrapped with jut and attached to silver reptile skin! $175

These two pieces will already be at the FedEx office when you see this blog. And I'll be out shopping for more! The baht is up against the US dollar(:() and silver cost is up higher than it's ever been but, that won't stop me!

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