Temples And Treasures In Chaing Mai Thailand

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What an amazing contrast-Chaing Mai, the second largest city in Thailand is just a one hour flight from Bangkok. Bangkok, a constant traffic jam, bumping into crowds on the street and noise!

This is our sixth visit to this laid back, friendly city of hard working smiling people of Chaing Mai. And on every street there is a well tended alter like this one. This quite city seems to be in constant prayer.

Chaing Mai, whose population is less than San Diego has over 300 beautiful golden Buddhist temples, practically one per street.

Young shaved-headed boy monks in saffron colored robes sweep the pavement with homemade rush brooms. It seems like a meditation the rhythm of their strokes. I find myself in prayer when I stand quietly at the entrance of a temple in awe of all that gold and stillness!

Other treasures for me, far more valuable than gold have been the warmth of the people. So easy to cuddle for a photo. Or to help...

The fun woman in this picture right, Pumpkin showed me the best of all deals for silk scarves, which of course I bought dozens! She lead me all around the market, I was so lost!

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to do business with the gentle Thai people. And as in our country, they are feeling economic pressures.

So I feel my little jewelry shop is in some way helping. 

I bought 12 of these cute little wallets of Hill tribe fabric and leather from the woman and her grandmother, pictured above on the left.

Of course, they are now in California, still smelling of the incense that fill the air here!

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