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Some days are just full of bazaar things if you just pay attention. And in Istanbul, Turkey the culture is so different from America it's always easy to find things I've never seen before. So here are a selection of my "wows":

For $1 this man's rabbits or rooster will pick your fortune out of a box labeled, English, French, Spanish or Russian. I chose the rooster and he predicted "You're in straits now days but don't worry you'll sort it out and be happy". My what a smart bird!

I met the owner of these hands in Starbucks, Mamta's maid in India spent 4 hours painting her hands with henna. Mamta says she always has this done before she travels for good luck. She and her family live half the year in India and half the year in Croatia. She is married to a German man, her daughter was born in America and Mamta has a Canadian passport. Talk about an international woman!

I don't think this picture really needs to be explained . There are lots of free roaming cats everywhere in the city, many of them look really scrappy but none of them look undernourished. They have the good life for sure

I have noticed how well the men in Turkey dress, most wear sports coats, white shirts and leather dress shoes, but I must say I've never seen a man wearing these. It would make any woman envious to have a pair of shoes like this.... well maybe not

And then some pictures say a thousand words

Of course, I can't close without showing you a few of my purchases. These are the latest re-invention of the ancient art of...enamel jewelry, I just loved these rings and bought as many as I could find..

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