Unexpected Luxuries from Bangkok

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So far on my Bangkok blogs I've discussed street food, wasps nests, nail polish and of course jewelry!

But, I haven't told you about all the unexpected luxuries we've experienced and isn't that what it's really all about?...luxury! Well, maybe not... but I wanted to document some of my favorites so far on this adventure.

After less than a week we were ready for a good ole American movie. So we went to the huge luxury shopping center that has everything including a bowling alley! We were blown away when we got to the 5Th floor movie complex.

This picture is of the popcorn stand. For our $10 "premium" tickets we were escorted to a special waiting room with massage chairs and leg massage machines, served refreshments and 10 minutes before the movie "Wall Street" began we were again escorted to our two private leather recliner chairs with a fresh pillow and blanket awaiting us. The movie was OK but the movie theater WOW!

After the movie we went to the basement to Allan's favorite, a food court that would outdo the Harrods food hall in London any day! You name it they had it, including 18 different types of rice being displayed like caviar!

Many other foods we couldn't begin to guess what they were but the displays like the one here of dried fruits made them all seem magically wonderful. We bought exotic cheeses, bread, fruit, made a huge salad from the salad bar that was almost a block long and took it all back to the hotel for dinner! What a night out!

This was the most amazing thing we saw that evening, which I suppose those hundreds of people thought was a luxury, a line of people that circled around the building. At first we couldn't figure out what all the excitement and line was about and finally when we got to the front of the shopping center we saw this picture!

Yes, these people were in line for hours to buy Krispty Kreme donuts! And pay a fortune for them! Now, remember they can buy fried donuts on any street corner, but they just had to have these. There has to be a marketing story in here somewhere!

This luxury is truly heartfelt! Three years ago we met this lovely wonderful couple who work in the hotel where we stay. She is in charge of the restaurant and he's in charge of the front desk. They have been so kind to us in so many ways, a surprise birthday party for me, bringing us special treats each night before bed, always with a smile and such a warm embrace.

Little did we know that last October when we were here she was pregnant, after 7 years of trying. So when we arrived this year this was our greeting! A little baby girl, four months old whose name I can't pronounce but means "precious bird"!

And last but certainly not least is the luxury of buying beautiful jewelry and getting to keep a piece or two! I bought these rose-gold rings the first day we were in Bangkok! They represent my commitment to keep finding more unique pieces for women who love unusual jewelry and have begun to expect us to make sure what they buy from us is not only original but one-of-a-kind, which these two are!

With center citrine and smoky topas faceted stones and hundreds of handset crystals these two are my favorite finds. I'm hand carrying these two precious pieces home, so don't look for them until I'm home on October 30Th! Of course you can reserve one!

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