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                  d Forsythe Celebrates Fifteen Years with New Beading Workshops 


I believe there  comes a time in our lives when we finally figure out how to combine all the things we love into a new adventure that satisfies our yearning to create something significant that not only gives back but also fulfills us. 

For the past fifteen years and my husband, Allan, have traveled the world working with jewelry designers to bring to Coronado one of a kind jewelry designs for my shop. Now, many of the pieces in the collection are my own designs.   The inspiration to begin designing my own jewelry came from my devoted clients. They began asking me to modify, change, and recreate pieces from my travels. Then I met an nationally acclaimed jewelry designer and studied with her in Des Moines, Iowa. She taught me not only fundamental jewelry design but, to trust my own creative spirit. Now, I'm often in awe of some of the unusually beautiful funky jewelry I design. 

Now I want to help other women find their creative muse and have fun making their own special jewelry. Therefore, after fifteen years I am expanding d Forsythe Jewelry into a fun new concept. Beginning in September I will be offering what I call "Wild Beading Jewelry Design" workshops. This will be a unique blending of basic jewelry design classes and an opportunity for women to spend time sharing and creating with other women making special jewelry. Similar to the old fashion quilting circles.  

It turns out I've always been a teacher. Years ago I taught elementary school in Texas. After earning my graduate degree I worked for national retail chain as the Training Director in Stamford, Connecticut, then again Training Director at a cosmetic company in New York City and finally as an executive coach working for international companies globally. This jewelry retail business was my way of retiring!"  

Here's how the Wild Beading Classes will work: 

During my world travels I've brought back an amazing collection of beads, pendants and unique beading treasures which will be available to participants for the first time. 

The classes will certainly include basic jewelry construction but I'm planning to offer more of a unique experience for the participants. Women will be encouraged to play, experiment and create amazing jewelry which she will not only be proud of but will remind her of how much fun learning something new can be.   

The Wild Beading Jewelry Design workshops will be Monday and Tuesday 12- 4:00 for $65. 

We've have a special email address wildbeading@dforsythe.com for registration. Class titles and dates initially will be posted on a chalkboard outside the shop at 1136 Loma Ave. We will also take registrations by phone at 619-435-9211. We hope women will come by and see our newly remodeled space and check out the list of classes.   

Class size will be limited to small groups of women although private group and individual sessions will also be available. 

Of course the retail jewelry showroom will remain the same, just the hours will change. Showroom will be open for jewelry and bead purchases Wednesday thru Saturday. 11:30-4:30. 

I am so excited about this new adventure. Who would have thought I'come full circle, now facilitating a women's beading circle! I guess you'd say teaching is my soul work and designing jewelry my passion." 




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