Turquoise Showcase

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Individual pieces may be purchased by searching specific product name. This "Turquoise Showcase" picture displays the following product:

  • "Cascading Turquoise Necklace". Located in Necklaces. $175
  • "Turquoise Buddha Necklace". Located in Designs by Dolores. $175
  • "Tibetan Necklace". Located in Necklaces. $195
  • "Red Resin and Carved Silver Bangle". Located in Bracelets. $150
  • "Turquoise Bracelet". Located in Bracelets. $225
  • "Turquoise and Wood Bracelet". Located in Bracelets. $45

If interested in other product showcased yet not mentioned above, please call our shop with inquiries. 619-435-9211