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I found these amazing new pieces made from old watch parts in India. These are the really vintage ones that had to be wound! Within our life time people will forget that you used to have to wind your watch with a tiny stem on the side. If you look closely at these they have actually found identical watched to match in this example of earrings made from round watch mechanism. Somehow, I can't help but wonder who wore this watch? Was it a gift from a loved one? Was it used to keep track of time for baby's feeding, curry to cook, children home from school, time to get up, go to bed, quit work??? One thing that does intrigue me is to know...

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New WILD BEADING WORKSHOP topics and schedule beginning Tuesday March 8th and every Tuesday thereafter!!!

EVERY TUESDAY BEGINNING MARCH 8TH --- we will offer open beading sessions...

                                                       TIME: 12 noon - 3PM

                                                        COST: $65 --includes materials provided, refreshments & of course                     

                                                       assistance from two expert jewelry designers!!! 

Please call us 619-435-9211 to sign up in advance or answer your...

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Beading workshop calendar for February 2016 at d Forsythe Jewelry in Coronado, Ca.

Tuesday Feb. 2nd --- No classes

Tuesday Feb. 9th ---Beading Basics --No experience needed, we'll help you make a piece of jewelry while learning basic techniques that will amaze and delight you! And you'll learn how to begin "beading" on your own. Materials included.

Tuesday Feb. 16th ---Healing Stones Jewelry Design -- You will discover that certain gemstones that are attractive to you actually contribute to healing and wellbeing. Once we've discovered what's "good" for you together we'll design a special piece of jewelry especially for your...

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Below are the pictures I took during the week of Dec. 13th. The five day wedding of Supreet Singh and Hunarpreet Kaur of New Delhi, India. Supreet is the son of my dear friends Rumpu and Pardeep. I have been buying jewelry from them for the past ten years and have developed a very warm relationship. Each day of the wedding was more amazing than the previous. But the best part were the saris the women wore and of course their jewelry. The pictures below are my impressions of this wonderful adventure.  



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These unique beading workshops will be conducted by Dolores Forsythe a local jewelry designer. Workshops are designed for all levels of experience. Small groups of no more than 6 women will enjoy time together learning, creating, sharing and listening to others while making their own unique piece of jewelry. If you would like to participate or have any questions  please call 619 - 435-9211 (you must be preregistered to attend). Each workshop is $65. Materials are included in all session except the Open Session.

                         January 2016 Schedule Follows:

Tuesday, Jan 5th-- Beading Basics - no experience needed to have...

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                  d Forsythe Celebrates Fifteen Years with New Beading Workshops 


I believe there  comes a time in our lives when we finally figure out how to combine all the things we love into a new adventure that satisfies our yearning to create something significant that not only gives back but also fulfills us. 

For the past fifteen years and my husband, Allan, have traveled the world working with jewelry designers to bring to Coronado one of a kind jewelry designs for my shop. Now, many of the pieces in the collection are my own designs.   The...

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 This story of the quest for unusual jewelry from around the world is often serendipitous happenings and hunch. In 2010 I saw my first rose cut diamond jewelry in a small cluttered stall in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. I knew the minute I saw them I wanted one. I thought the rose cut bangle I loved was just too rough for my customers but for me it was just perfect-- Funky and certainly unique! I never expected to be selling them in my jewelry shop. I wore that bangle every day and one day Sue, a fun customer from San Francisco, offered to buy it right off my arm. I declined, usually I would sell anything I was wearing but this...

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 This was my third visit to enchanting Ubud, Bali. Since Julia Roberts was here to film "Eat,Pray,Love", this small Indonesian village has changed dramatically. There are more exotic restaurants, more unusual art and certainly more traffic! The major difference between this visit and my previous visits was having an expert shopping guide, Sterling show me all the hidden treasures.


There are hundreds of creative artists in Ubud; sculptors, wood and stone carvers, basket weaving, batik designers, beading and of course my favorite - silver jewelry designers. It seems everything here is made by hand. The patience, skill and...