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This is my friend Giorgio, who lives in Dallas, Texas and owns six jewelry factories in Istanbul, Turkey. I met him several years ago at a jewelry show in Santa Monica, Ca. along with his brother Nico. And I have been unique Turkish jewelry from them ever since.

These young men come from a long line of jewelry designers in Turkey and have brought their unique designs to the US. 

Before leaving for my recent trip, Giorgio invited me to meet him in Istanbul for a personal tour of his factories. I was thrilled and honored because usually a jewelry manufacturer keeps all their designs top secret so they can't be copied by the...

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Shopping in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey is an experience everyone should have in their lifetime. We've been here 8 times now and I  am still in awe of this country which preserves ancient, over 2,000 year old sights and yet is so modern. i am surprised and delighted daily!




         Of course it's the people which make any place on earth special. The kindness of everyone here is sometimes overwhelming. Every time we get on the tram someone stands up for us to sit down. And when passing people on the street they make eye contact and smile!



And then there are some customs and ways of...

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Article published in Point Loma Life Magazine, May 2014 edition.

                                      The latest in Organic Jewelry


Inspired by our culture’s obsession with natural, organic products we’ve begun to notice the translation of this trend in jewelry. And not just women’s but also non gender specific jewelry.


These newly desirable accessories include more natural stones that are rough cut or sand tumbled. Shiny blingy jewelry pieces are being saved for special occasions only.


Also as the cost of gold and silver has sky rocketed alternative more earth tone metals such as pewter, copper, rose...

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Published in Point Loma Life Magazine, April edition           


Local Jewelry Shop With Unexpected Treasures From Around The World 


Tucked away on the second story of the historic Winchester building in Coronado is a tiny gem of a store. 

Dolores Forsythe's shop, d Forsythe Jewelry is a glittering shimmering jewel-box of exotic jewelry with an extra bonus; each piece has a fascinating story to tell. 

Tables, armoires, and drawers overflow with hand-knotted strands of marble-sized pearls. Multi-carat semi-precious stones, citrine, druzy, and amethysts are set in silver pendants and gold plated rings....

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Five Days of non stop shopping! It's a marathon and I'm so excited. Here without comment are some of the pieces I've bought other shots of gems bought to design new pieces and favorites from Africa & India. Wait til you see the moonstone and pink sapphires!



 Sooo if you see something you are interested in call Janet now and she'll tell you prices and save it for you! More to come! Dolores                                                                   ...

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Several years ago I made a trip to, of all places, Des Moines, Iowa to set at the feet of a master jewelry designer.  I was clueless, I didn't know a split ring from a cylinder crimp.  She taught me all the basics she could in two days.  I left with a beautiful lemon quartz necklace I remade at least six times while I was there.

After that I began buying and stringing beads I bought from trips around the globe.  I was labeled in my mind as a 'beader".  Tho I had unique and valuable materials I still fumbled and stumbled and remade most pieces at least three or four times.  And after much trial and error, beautiful unique jewelry began...

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What a wild day! We sold over 50 of Ari's fun books at our first ever book signing event! 

Ari Seth Cohen is a videographer, photographer, and publisher who has been promoting the beauty of older women as their champion and is followed on his blog: by over 33,000 people from around the world. We were honored that he agreed to join us in Coronado all the way from New York City.

Ari was a huge hit in our little shop. We sent out this postcard to over 300 women and the response was overwhelming. Our guests came from as far away as Mexico City and many of Ari's followers from LA came for the event.

We all...

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This is my sixth visit to Turkey. On the first trips we had tour guides and saw all the ancient ruins of the Turkish and Roman empires. We were awed by the beauty and the idea of civilizations coming and going for over 2,500 years, each leaving treasures still undisturbed. 

But, as we continued to visit Turkey we began to concentrate more on the unique jewelry to buy for the shop. The Grand Bazaar, the oldest continuing shopping center in the world, with over 4,000 vendors. The beauty of it's history has been so well preserved!

I now have established friendship with many of the vendors and return to visit them every year. I also...