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While on our cruise the sixth day out we were in port in Ciutadella, Menorca, Spain. Don't ask me where that is but it is a beautiful little old fishing village with cobble stone streets, 2,000 year old white lime stone homes. I could tell you lots more about this lovely village but the best part for me was finding Nadia Sedas.

She is a local jewelry designer who works in metal. I feel in love with her treasures when I found out they were not solid gold and silver but are richly plated over bronze. It is the most beautiful plating I've ever seen. So of course I bought several pieces to send back to the shop. 

So without more chatter...

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Ok, Allan and I came to Barcelona, Spain by accident. We mis-booked our departure for our first ever cruise. We were to leave from Monte Carlo but somehow we thought it would be Barcelona and then it was too late to change without a huge cost. So we thought "why not". We've never been there - and so we came for three days. AND LOVED IT!  

The weather was perfect for the outdoor cafes! Tapas, sangria, paella, fresh fish, crusty breads, all while sitting under an umbrella of live Oak trees.  


Yes, we did a bit of sightseeing, we visited the Gaudi cathedral- the line to get in was over two hours! It was awesome. To think...

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This Greek artist, Stelios Paraskeas, I met last year and sold out of his pieces immediately.

Check out some of his new jewelry. He painstakeingly weaves strands of 24k gold-plated copper into elegant designs. Contemporary timeless pieces in pewter, gunmetal and of course gold! 

We have one of each item available so if you are interested please don't hesitate contacting us immediately. Yes, there are also one size fits all belts that are so comfortable you want to wear them everywhere with everything.


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If you can't get to New York to see the exhibition of Barbara Berger's costume jewelry collection at the

Museum of Arts and Design you must at least see my favorites! 

This is a collection of over 750 pieces of all the famous jewelry designers in the world! Barbara bought her first piece in the 50's, a pair of Chanel earrings from the Paris flea market and over the years has collected some of the most unusual pieces I've ever seen.


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Stacking bracelets is the quickest way to get the best ARM CANDY!! Can’t decide what bracelet to wear? Wear them all!

The best part about stacking bracelets - you don’t have to pick just ONE bracelet. There's no wrong way to pile on arm candy! Wear ALL of your favorites! Show your personality; choose bracelets that compliment your outfit or speak to your mood. Have fun! Mix and match! The more the merrier!

Add a little 'sweet' to your summer, by adding to your ARM CANDY!

Need some Style Inspiration? Check out the wrists of your favorite celebrity and chances are you’ll see wrists full of amazing arm candy!

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The Thursday Style Section of the New York Times brought to our attention the latest trend in jewelry: Iridescent!! 

"Iridescent accessories do work some amazing tricks, the shifting colors picking up those in your ensemble like a mood ring. Pair them with almost anything, denim or summer whites." -

If you missed the article, no worries because we have some amazing natural iridescent jewelry at a quarter of the cost of the pieces they showcased in the article.

This necklace's focal piece is an ancient piece of roman glass. Tumbled and tossed for centuries it now is treasured for it's rareness and  beauty. Strung with...

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