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I'm finally here in New Delhi, India! 22 hours later we are in my favorite place in the world. I will try to show you some of my favorites ! Shopping in Old Delhi, which is one of the few remaining continuously inhabited places in the world. Which makes it really old. This man has been in his shop for over 50 years, and I thought being in my shop for 9 was a big deal. I bought some great jewelry from him, featured at the bottom of this blog.

What I love is the brilliant colors of everything!

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Last week we hosted our first fund raising event at the store for the Foundation For Women. It was a great success!

Since opening the shop eight years ago we've participated in charity fundraising events around the county. Our mission has always included giving back to women and children in our community.

And Foundation For Women is the best example I know for helping women in need. Through micro loans founder Deborah Lindholm, far right, and her mostly volunteer staff have been helping impoverished women accomplish their dreams and fulfill their potential by giving them small loans to start income generating activities. They also...

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I guess this would be considered my "route 66".

I turned 66 this year and yes, I've just begun to realize I'm no longer a "spring chicken" as we used to say in Texas. Being a part of the baby boom generation means there are lots of other people getting old along with me, so sometimes it's hard to believe it's true, but it is!

For me the real pleasure has been the wisdom that comes along with being on this planet for more than half a century. I have become a cronewhich is defined as "One with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman". Wow,...

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What an amazing summer this has been!

Our 7th year in the shop and we were voted #1 Jewelry store in Coronado 2012. I've found the formula for success and it's paid off!!!

The most important element for achieving anything is an awesome team. Janet & Zarina are the daughters I always wanted.

Of course our loyal, supportive, fascinating customers make our work feel like fun. Such stories, celebrations and life's challenges they share with us. And from all over the world... Greece, Iraq, down the street and Ohio! We could write THE BOOK OF TALES.

I know you're wondering when jewelry would be mentioned. I've made some very...

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Ten days in New York City! Here are the highlights:

Celebrating Allan's 83rd birthday with his law partner for over fifty years, Shearn Platt & his wife Linda at a delicious Jewish restaurant, Kutsher's. Now, you may wonder what exactly is Jewish food, well all I know is the roasted chicken was the best I've ever had!

And of course, even though I lived in Manhattan for a few years I will always be a tourist!  This was taken with my dear friend, Candace Corlett on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum where we saw the Schiaparelli & Prada exhibit, these two cutting-edge Italian women fashion designers have created amazing clothing...

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Did you ever wish you could wear huge pearls every day but, just couldn't figure out how to make them look less formal?

I have! For the past fifteen years I've been buying and selling pearls and during that time I've seen how beautiful every woman looks when she puts on her pearls. The only complaint has been how dressed up they feel when they wear pearls.

I've tried to encourage women to wear them with a tee-shirt and jeans and just have fun with them, but there has always been some reluctance to go there.

Recently I bought some amazing gemstone clasps from my friend Padeep in Delhi.  As a jewelry designer I know one of the...

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Image if this picture is of one booth what a tent the size of two football fields full of booths like this would be like to shop for jewelry and gemstones!

I shopped nine hours a day for three days and found some of the most incredible jewelry ever.

An experience like this makes me reconsider the need to travel to foreign countries to find exotic jewelry. I bought from vendors from Tibet, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, New York and Arkansas, Africa, just to name a few.

I'm not sure which was more rewarding the purchases I made or the people I met! I know I say this every time but this was one of the most special buying trips...

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There are so many treasures to behold in this country of golden dragons, tropical weather and unique in all the world jewelry

-- yes -- these are water buffalo teeth!

But, as always the most treasured memories are the people. This lovely couple, Joan and Allan Eubank have been missionaries in Chaing Mai for over fifty years, not only have they started schools, clinics and churches their son, David initiated the Free Burma Rangers, a group of volunteers who work to help the people of Burma survive the atrocities in their country. We were honored to spend Thanksgiving with some of these rangers, missionaries and educators. There were...