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Yes, it's true only married women are required to wear sarees. I was overwhelmed by the colors and the sparkle of these beautiful yards and yards of silk, sequins and rhinestones! I even bought one, which is impossible to figure out on your own, but I love it!

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Jaipur, also known as the pink city is very different from Mumbai, although they are only a one hour flight apart.

Mumbai is a thriving port city with plenty of skyscrapers and a wealthy middle class dressed in western clothes whereas Jaipur, is the go to city for weddings! Brides come here to buy their jewelry and sarees.

Indian weddings are such a big deal! An average wedding has over 1,000 guests and lasts at least four days. Of the over 300 weddings held nightly in Jaipur we often saw many groom’s parades. This included several camels, an elephant, a brass band and butane lit crystal chandeliers to light the way of this all...

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I’ve been in India for a week now and am beginning to get in flow with the rhythms of this amazing country.

Yes, the streets are crowded and dirty but there is a special sweetness about how the Indian people go about their work.

These women are heating rhinestones on a charcoal fire to make thousands of blingy bangles worn by all the women here daily.

We’ve seen cows, pigs, goats, camels & oxen all meandering along the city streets, peacefully grazing on trash.  You definitely have to watch where you step!

Religious worship is evident everywhere. There are over 3,000 temples in this city of 19 million.  Some worship a...

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So far on my Bangkok blogs I've discussed street food, wasps nests, nail polish and of course jewelry!

But, I haven't told you about all the unexpected luxuries we've experienced and isn't that what it's really all about?! Well, maybe not... but I wanted to document some of my favorites so far on this adventure.

After less than a week we were ready for a good ole American movie. So we went to the huge luxury shopping center that has everything including a bowling alley! We were blown away when we got to the 5Th floor movie complex.

This picture is of the popcorn stand. For our $10 "premium" tickets we were escorted to a...

INDIA - land of Exotic Jewelry!

This is one of the most exciting trips we've ever planned! It's definitely one of my "bucket list" places! INDIA.

I've never been to India, though I've bought jewelry from Indian vendors in Turkey, Greece, and LA. It's always been my favorite style... bold, beautiful gemstones and affordable.

Allan, my husband and I leave in three weeks for a month long adventure. Please stay tuned to my blog as I document our daily shopping trips. We've arranged for a private car/driver and guide to help us find those remote, unique jewelry shops, markets and bazaars.

So, after many painful shots, visas and...

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Have you ever been curious about the healing magic of the ancient wisdom around stones?

Well, wonder no more!

Want to know how to attract the love of your life? Read more about rose quartz. 

So you're a bit moody? Opalite is the answer to "stabilize" those moods. 

Would someextra cash help out? Check out Citrine.

Do you need to get rid of negative energy in your life? Then Chalcedony is the answer.

And more interesting stories and folklore:

Pearls are the only gem born of a living organism.

Wear Rubies on the left hand to receive life's energy force.

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Ok, it's a crazy time to get into the "real" jewelry business!

Ten years ago when I started buying and selling jewelry I never thought I'd be in the "fine" jewelry business. However, I just couldn't resist when my clients started wanting to buy the "good" pieces I'd bought for my self.

This is the first piece I bought for myself and have now sold five of them to my clients. I never wanted a diamond tennis bracelet, but I'd always wanted a diamond bracelet. When I found this in Istanbul I knew it was the one and I've come to realize many woman want the same as I.

So, when I was in Turkey last month I searched for that special...

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I wanted to share with you the fun pictures I've taken of this seaside city Izmer and surrounding small villages.

I have eaten great food, drank awful Turkish coffee, met "real" women & men, seen sites you won't believe and petted Buda. Here are it all is:

I think all of the above are self explanatory. Did you get that the place is an out door toilet? And Buda is pregnant with six little ones to be delivered in one week. The first woman pictured is over 95 years old, she couldn't really remember her age, she smiled and asked me for a cigarette!

Now this one needs a bit of explaining, this is a costume worn by little...