Posted by on May 25, 2011 .

I feel so fortunate to have met Janset Bilgin, a Turkish jewelry designer.

Our dear friend Esin, who was also our tour guide, asked me over lunch if I'd like to meet a friend of her's who has become very famous in Istanbul for her jewelry designs. I jumped at the chance and what a delightful time we had... I even made a video of her shop.

click on the above link to go directly to the video.

All of Janset's (pronounced Janet with an "s") designs are made from found organic materials. And if you watched the video you know she studied with one of the most famous designers in Turkey to...

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Some days are just full of bazaar things if you just pay attention. And in Istanbul, Turkey the culture is so different from America it's always easy to find things I've never seen before. So here are a selection of my "wows":

For $1 this man's rabbits or rooster will pick your fortune out of a box labeled, English, French, Spanish or Russian. I chose the rooster and he predicted "You're in straits now days but don't worry you'll sort it out and be happy". My what a smart bird!

I met the owner of these hands in Starbucks, Mamta's maid in India spent 4 hours painting her hands with henna. Mamta says she always has this done before...

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This is our 4th trip to Istanbul, Turkey to shop for jewelry.

And although it seems familiar, the Blue Mosque still steals the skyline.

The loud speakers throughout the city still announce the call to prayer 5 times a day (once at 4 AM).

And The Grand Bazaar, which has been there for thousands of years, is still as exciting to me as it was the first time I stepped inside.

However, each time it's a new adventure. This trip we choose a hotel in the old section of the city, only 5 minutes from the Bazaar.

Here the cobblestone streets are very narrow, vegetable vendors on every corner, ferile cats are everywhere and children...

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From the sublime to the outrageous! This buying trip to New York was an eye opening education for me. The street fashions: pastel ballet slippers worn with tight legged pants, huge suit jackets and even bigger jewelry.

The fashions in the museums!

The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the Metropolitan was an experience I'll never forget! His opening quote: "There is no way for me back now, I'm going to take you on  journeys you never dreamed were possible."

And he certainly did! The setting was fantastic, eerie music, loud heart beats, moaning sounds and tinker bell music all help set the mood for fashions...

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One of the reasons I love having this little jewelry shop above the pizza place is the amazing women who find their way up the stairs to discover our treasures! The stories they share with me of their lives are not only inspiring and courageous but often funny and sometimes heartbreaking. They are never boring,

Recently I started taking their pictures and asking if I could share them with you who follow my blog.

This is Phyllis Parrish. She is truly awe inspiring. This spring she is chairing a huge gala to benefit ARC, a charity that provides services for San Diego people with disabilities. The name of the event is Carrousel du...

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I just returned from Tucson, Arizona where I attended the huge Gem and Mineral Show. It was truly incredible!

I've traveled  the world to buy jewelry and now I find just seven hours away all of the countries I've visited are here and more! This 55 year old international market has something for everyone from any country you could name. There were over 3,200 vendors, 50,000 out-of-town shoppers and 45 venues scattered around Tucson.

The selection ranged  from a 122-carat tanzanite to a moon rock brought back by Apollo 17 to rooms full of pearls and turquoise! 

Talk about sensory overload! And I thought the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul...

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I know some of you think I never listen to feedback (especially my husband, Allan) but I DO!

For the past five years people have been telling me it's time to change the name of my company. "Where are the Pearls? You have so much more than pearls, the name is misleading." or

"This is not a pearl store" or "I haven't come in your shop because I don't need any more pearls. I thought that was all you carried, I'm blown away by all the other jewelry here."

So, by popular demand ... starting now the company's new name will be d Forsythe with the tag line Unique jewelry from around the world. We will still have the amazing pearl...

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What a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas! We have an amazing blend of traditions, being right next door to the oldest large wooden hotel in the US (122 years old), Hotel Del Coronado. Each year they decorate not only the interior, but the entire exterior is also outlined in white lights.

It's magical driving across the bridge to the island and seeing this fairly land reflected in the bay. The tree has a different theme each year, this year it's Santas. It stands over30 feet high and is decorated with over 2,000 ornaments.

By the way, the very first electrically lite Christmas tree was engineered by Thomas Edison himself right...