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One of the greatest pleasures of this business is meeting the amazingly creative young people who are continuing to surprise and delight us with their jewelry designs.

Meet Tang, last October when we were here we met this shy young man at the weekend market. I was blown away by the outrageous, unusual pieces he'd made. Well this year he's really outdone himself! What he's created with feathers and crystals you wouldn't believe... He's also making a custom design for one of my customers who sent a picture with me for him to design.

Below are just a couple examples of his work, yes that is a fur stole with pink & purple feathers. And...

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This is why we travel! To experience different realities that we never imagined existed.

To make a long story short, a dear friend of ours brother from England, Doctor Fish AKA Alex now lives in Kho Samui, a small island we're visiting off the coast of Thailand. For the past two years he and his partner Lola, a master Bikram yoga teacher from Brussels, have been developing a new business here.

You'd never guess that eat the dead skin off people! Yes, you read right, so of course we had to try it.

Here we are in this pristine room with soft music, delicious tea, and our feet dangling in warm water while 4,000 small...

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What an amazing contrast-Chaing Mai, the second largest city in Thailand is just a one hour flight from Bangkok. Bangkok, a constant traffic jam, bumping into crowds on the street and noise!

This is our sixth visit to this laid back, friendly city of hard working smiling people of Chaing Mai. And on every street there is a well tended alter like this one. This quite city seems to be in constant prayer.

Chaing Mai, whose population is less than San Diego has over 300 beautiful golden Buddhist temples, practically one per street.

Young shaved-headed boy monks in saffron colored robes sweep the pavement with homemade rush brooms. It...

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Every year when we're in Bangkok I look forward to finding things I never expected to see ever! Certainly much of what's fascinating now days has to do with technology but, here where the ancient butts up against the new age anything goes.

Bet you'd never guess where we saw this huge dormant wasps nest.

This wasps nest was suspended right above the counter of a small jewelry stall at the weekend market! I asked the owner why it was there. He smiled shyly and said "To get the customer's attention". And it worked... no worries, I'm planning to try it!

I was kinda surprised no one here seemed to notice my navy blue nail polish, at...

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We're finally here! Eighteen hours later we've arrived in one of the most exciting vibrant cities in Southeast Asia.

This is our sixth trip to Bangkok and it never ceases to amaze me!

Such Contrasts!

The elderly king is worshiped as a god. His picture covers the front of this ancient Buddish temple. And behind the temple is a neon christian cross.

The smell of Tuber Roses mingles with the street smells of frying fish and running open sewer.

There are no baby strollers here, all babies are hand carried.

The HOT PINK taxis are dirt cheap!

Here most people eat at open cafes, not like we're accustomed to. You choose your...

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What an amazing celebration of LIFE!

Last Saturday, Joan Wyllie (standing) the Founder & CEO of Nine girls ask?, with the help of many friends and family organized an amazing luncheon to raise money to support Ovarian cancer research. Over 500 people attended!

My dear friends and I were there to share the magic of occasions like this.

If you would like more information contact:

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Mabel and I have been wearing pearls for the past ten years, since I started selling them! So why now am I starting to offer pearls for pets? Well, it's such a natural, everyone loves Mabel's and she's never broken a strand or destroyed her pearls, they are incrediblely durable! So I figured "why not offer them to my clients"? And then I asked Peggy what she thought of the idea...

Peggy Wilson is one of my amazingly accomplished clients, who is the President of the board for Canine Companions for Independence. She began telling me stories of some of the dogs and their owners. What incredible work they do!

So I started thinking how...

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Dear Friends,

Well, I've finally decided to move into the techie era! Of course I moved kicking and screaming! But thanks to my many encouraging friends and a wonderful web designer, David Crellen  we're making it happen! A NEW WEBSITE for d Forsythe Pearls is now launched.

Please check it out, there are lots of bells and whistles and plenty of buttons to play with, but overall it's pretty simple and gave me a reason to clean up TEN YEARS of "it'll do for now" on the old site!

And being that the new site is so pretty I decided to make a few new pieces and write some fun descriptions to highlight how my designs are evolving. Be...