Posted by on Jun 19, 2010 .

We have good news and sad news! I think most of you know Sue Anderson, the woman in red... well, she's left for another position. I am forever in debt to her for helping me for the past three years, not only set up the shop but take care of all the details! Thank you Sue!      

The good news...  I have some wonderful new women supporting the tremendous growth of our business.     Far left, my dear friend Sue Welch is taking care of the books, Nicole Lucas next to her does everything from take care of the website to handling  marketing projects while she attends graduate school.  On the far right is Janet Sharif, who does everything...

Posted by on Apr 18, 2010 .

I'm finally beginning to figure out this "social media" thing!

(Hint: Click on this image above to view my video in your Full Screen)

Yes, we have a Facebook, Twitter and CitySearch presence and now we a have a video!

Who has time for all these communication connections? SoI figured a picture says a thousand words (or so)!

It wasn't easy seeing myself on film...after the first viewing I called my hairdresser for a makeover!

But, it was fun, we hired a young man Zack, from Coronado High School, Video/Photo COSA program. It was amazing what he could do, this is not like the horror films taken with those huge film cameras...

Posted by on Mar 18, 2010 .

Wow, what a night! These amazing executive women in the cable industry dropped by our shop last week and it turned into a magical party of soul sisters. 

Grace (back row, far right) was the first to find us and brought all her "sisters" by later. We now have Grace's quote on our quote board - "If you can't hide it...decorate it!"  And boy, did they!

Thank you, new friends, for sharing your laughter, warmth and money with us!  And come back soon - we'll feed you better next time - promise. Wine and nuts for dinner isn't quite good enough for our special guests.

By the way, just to let the rest of our clients know, we're always...

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It's sometimes hard to believe I am retirement age! I know all of us baby boomers who are in our sixties struggle with the whole concept of aging. I still think of myself as just another woman who finished menopause and had a little face work but still certainly not old!

So, when I was asked to be in an article about my local gym for the NY Times I, of course, thought it would be in the Health & Fitness section, at the least, but NOOO...not the Fashion or Style section, either, but the RETIREMENT section! And certainly not wearing some cute outfit and the cool jewelry from my shop but, of all things, my gym clothes!

Ok, another wake...

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So why the purple hair? I say, "Why not?"

As many of you know, I keep dying my gray hair purple! I've had purple hair extensions, and for about the last six years, I've been dying streaks of my hair purple... so here's the story why...

About ten years ago, I attended a creativity workshop in Santa Barbara. There were about 50 people sitting in a circle and, as we took turns introducing ourselves I noticed most of them didn't really need to be more creative, especially with their appearance! That was the first time I'd ever seen anyone with a new color of hair.

When it was her turn to introduce herself, this purple haired woman...