Fall 2022 Visit to Paris

I was invited to join a like minded group of artist who were offering a week long workshop entitled "Paris Sketchbook".

I have been keeping an art journal for the past five years. What that means I have been painting, gluing memorabilia, and writing journal entries to match the images. Sometimes it can become obsessive, working into the wee hours of the night watching the creative muse show up and delivering a page of art in my journal that reflected many of my inter feelings. It's been quiet rewarding and I've created over 10 art journals over the years. Some are quite personal, some are fun and whimsical and some kinda weird, but overall I've been pleased with this art hobby.

Just recently I've wanted my pages to express more. Sometimes I couldn't find quite the right picture to convey my feelings. And I was tired of old photos trying to do the trick.

I've never been able to draw something that really looked like the thing I wanted, as simple as a coffee cup for example. I chalked it up as a God given talent I missed out on. I've watched UTube videos on how to draw and to no avail. 

So when the invitation came from my dear art teacher friend Lisa Sonora from Oaxaca, Mexico to join her in Paris for a sketchbook workshop where all the tricks and techniques would be shared and practiced - I signed up immediately. 

And so here I am in Paris as an artist! I must say it's bit intimidating to come all this far for my art. But it was not disappointing. We have a different teacher each day and we go on location to such places as follows:

Luxembourg Garden, Pont des Arts on a Paris iconic bridge, visit a local artist's atelier & sketch crawl, boat ride on the Seine with Vedettes de Post Neuf. 

Each day we meet at a artist  atelier and work/draw for three hours and then go out into the amazing Paris light to practice stetching! How good can it get?

Oh yes, I have time to shop, eat and just be in Paris. It's been awhile since I was last here with Allan so this is really big for me and maybe the sketchbook idea was just what I needed to begin exploring world on my own. 

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